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Why James Wilby should be Sebastian Moran:

1. The obvious Rupert Graves/James Wilby reunion. All us Maurice fangirls can squee ourselves into aneurysms if they’re ever on screen together.

2. Moriarty is short, dark haired, manic and unpredictable. James Wilby would be his complete opposite. He’s tall, blonder than the sun and very specific and deliberate in his actions. He’d be a fascinating offset to Moriarty’s craziness.

3. He’s actually the age Moran is in the book. Moran was born in 1840, the books take place in the 1890’s. Wilby’s in his early 50’s. Casting a young pretty boy would be typical, let’s get someone a little closer to the actual character.

4. He doesn’t look like a killer. If Hannibal Lecter taught us anything, people like being thrown off by stereotype breaking characters. James Wilby is blonde and pale and refined and borderline fey, seeing him handle a sniper rifle would be a great image.

5. The man can actually act. We all know he can do innocent and sweet, and do it well, but check out Gosford Park and you’ll see he can play a downright nasty bastard too. He’s talented and would more than hold his own against the rest of the cast.

6. The guy needs good work. I’m sorry but dammit the poor guy has not been doing the best work lately. He’s completely worthy of such a high profile show and such a juicy role. 

7. Did I mention he and Rupert Graves would be working together again? 


Aw, yessss. He was great in Clapham Junction, too. 


Dude, calm down, they’re not actually casting Wilby, like your own fancast all you want. 

Indeed. to-be-or-not-221b: Did you know that Ian Hallard was completely thrilled when he and Mark got to meet Wilby? He tweeted about it. Does that help?

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Dear James Wilby,

Fuck everyone else. Fuck ’em. They can obsess over Hugh Grant and Rupert Graves, like I give a damn. They can continually forget to even mention your name even when talking about movies you fucking starred in. They can completely underappreciate your talent and awesomeness.

You are beautiful and perfect and I love you. I think you’re better than 99.99% of the population of the world. Should I ever be blessed enough to meet you, I will tell you just how fantastic you are but even having the option of sitting here and being able to appreciate your perfection is plenty.



:)) Now go forth and write us some Maurice fic. Pleaaaaaase.

Ideally, a Maurice/Wilby chapter for you-know-what. Or anything really.

But especially that, or I will never be able to justify writing the Mr Borenius/aka P.R. Deltoid/Alec’s ‘Post-Corrective Advisor’ episode of The Kinkmeme Fill With No Readers.

Let me add that to list of fics I need to write…it’s long. It’s over 100 ideas long. Er.

Sorry, I am actually a totally shite writer and all those fics on my account? Written by the seat of my pants. I am physically incapable of writing what I want to write, I usually can only write when an idea strikes and I have to get it out. So…if it takes planning, it’s either not going to happen, or it would suck. I’m afraid to touch the ACO fic because I would probably totally mess it up, otherwise I have had like, no inspiration for writing Maurice fic lately. I’d love to promise I’ll work on some soon. I’m really sorry, trust me I wish I could make my brain work like I want it to :/

Hi, I totally understand lack of inspiration, 100 ideas on back-burner, etc. But you’re not a shite writer and your fic (that I’ve seen) doesn’t suck. The short fic-in-my-inbox was lovely. So there. And, I mean, you have a ‘process’. You actually plan your fics. They are not 4,000 words long but strangely plotless the way mine are. They don’t read like you ought to have done a ‘search and delete’ on 80% of the adjectives. That’s several stages of evolution ahead of mine.

Also, I thought the kinkmeme concept was that it’s like a playpen where messing up doesn’t matter so much/freedom to fail/etc. I’d never have written/posted the ACO/ACM idea outside that context, and I don’t think my ch.1 is great. (Or that anyone’s read it. Or if they have, they’re so appalled that no one’s commented.)

If you don’t feel like writing Maurice fic, can you manage a prompt? We have a new offer to write for the kinkmeme, but a couple more prompts first would be good, maybe.

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